Required Documents

The following documents are required to process your file:
1). Driver's License
2). Social security Card (signed)
3). 2 Utiltiy Bills (Current and No past due ammounts)

Preparing your documents for uploading into your client portal

You can place your documents on a plain white piece of paper or other white background and take your picture. The Picture will be saved in your phone’s photo gallery.
Using our Client Portal Phone APP you can login to your portal, go to documents, upload, select document type, add description, select the corresponding photo from your gallery and up load.

Front and Back of Your Drivers License

Drivers License

Or you can use your passport as your ID


Social Security - IT must be signed

Social Security Card

Or you case use a 1099 or W-4

1099 or W-4

Utility Bill - can not be past due- must be dated with in 45 days

Utility Bill

Or you can use a bank statement

Bank Statement

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